Possible to add alphabetical list in the Rich text editor?

I have some clients which need to be able to add an alphabetical list, with a parenthesis behind the character.
So, instead of having a numerical list like this:

  1. Item 1
  2. item 2

They need an alphabetical list like this:
a) Item 1
b) Item 2

but indented like the numbered list above.

Is this something you could add as an alternative in the Rich text editor?

At the moment we have a workaround where we below all HTMLAreas add a CheckBox which we use to determine if all numbered lists in the HTMLArea above should be alphabetical instead of numbered. So if the editors need both a numbered and an alphabetical list, they have to use two HTMLAreas to fill in the information.

This is something you can have already now :slight_smile: (but I can see it’s not in our docs)

  1. Configure your HtmlArea input type to include a plugin called “ListStyle

  2. Deploy the app

  3. Add a numbered list to your HtmlArea

  4. Right-click the list and select “Numbered List Properties” from the context menu

  5. Select “Lower Alpha” from the list of options

  6. Press OK

You cannot have it like “a) b)” though, only “a. b.”


Here’s a sample:

<input name="htmlarea_text" type="HtmlArea">
  <label>HTML Area</label>
  <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="1"/>