Pre scaled images in Enonic CMS 4.7.X


Most of our images were uploaded in 4.5.X and only have the “large” label. Are there any tools to recreate the missing x-large label on images above 1024px width? Downloading and uploading every image could work but would probably double our binary folder (already above 100gb)

Rendering large images from the source label sometimes takes 10-15sec.

Hi Tommy!

We did discuss this issue in our Product Advisory Board (PAB) at one time, and considered adding a tool in the cms-shell to do such a job. But we decided against it, as the issues that such a script would solve at the time, did not have a very large impact and could easily be solved by our STK. We probably have to reconsider this now. Could you file a feature request in our support system for this?

It is quite feasible to get this included in 4.7.12, which is scheduled to be released around October 1st.


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