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I have created a part for showing external pages in an iframe. I’m not able to show the preview of the iFrame in content studio. Should this be possible?

Is it working except for in preview in Content Studio?

Looks to me that it dont work inside Content Studio. Returns code 500 server error.

Sample code for html-file:

Part: Stillingsannonse - ReachMee

Error message:

Can’t see that this error is caused by the iframe itself? Check the error logs in XP for any more hints?

FYI: Do you know that XP rendering runs in different modes?

If you have special needs when working in content studio, you could do special handling. I.e. a part that does not work very well in edit mode kan be special handled when mode=edit

Hm… Where do I find the error logs? It’s running on localhost.

When you boot the SDK, errors will normally be available directly in the terminal where you started the XP sandbox. Assuming you are using Enonic CLI?

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2022-03-01 10:23:14,540 ERROR c.e.x.p.i.e.ExceptionRendererImpl - Could not parse as expression: “