Problem with frontend: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Enonic version: 6.12.* / 6.13.1
OS: windows / linux

Sometimes my page will stop working completely. None of the links work, and the design changes. A white frame appears around the whole page. This happens for different types of clients using windows and mac.

After a while the console starts outputting “Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded” errors.
The error seems to come from a jQuery plugin “jquery simulate” that is bundled in _all.js.

As this error happens randomly I do not have more data on how to reproduce.

These are the errors showing in the console:

The frame:

This happens locally, on the test-server and on my production site. The white frame around the page is caused by a less file that is injected.
The error seems to come from the page-editor code that enonic injects when previewing the pages.

Has anyone else experienced this?


This seems like a long shot, but you can try downloading our latest snapshot for 6.14.0 from and test if you get the same error(s) on it. We have upgraded jQuery and plugins to the latest version, so that might do the trick.

If not, try to figure out a sequence of actions that leads to the errors. Do you get it instantly when you open preview? Do you get it on one specific content or all? Anything that could help us reproduce the problem would be great.

Hi, sorry for late reply. I will try the 6.14 snapshot to see if that helps.