Problems with iframe in HTML Area and Query (Datatoolbox, ContentLib, NodeLib)

Enonic version: 7.8.4


We have at least one content that somehow had an iframe html tag not under the iframe macro (it appears it should be enclosed by [embed], but it’s not). Apparently this causes the HTML Area field to not display anything, although the preview still appears “ok”, as shown below.

So far it seemed acceptable, after reading this discussion, but later on I realized I can’t find all these problematic contents.
For instance, while using the ID from the content on the example above as a filter, if I use the query fulltext('data.tekst', 'iframe') and _id='f03803c0-810b-4e87-8c3e-718081aabcd9', it gives me nothing.

If I’m using the query fulltext('data.tekst', 'helsepersonell</h2>\n\n<p><iframe') and _id='f03803c0-810b-4e87-8c3e-718081aabcd9' it gives me the content I’m looking for.

The problem here is how to find other contents whose tekst fields are missing the [embed], to either support the idea of manually fixing them (if they’re few) or creating a service+task to adjust them.

If I remove the ‘_id’ param it’ll give me some contents, some with iframe in the tekst and missing the [embed] tags, but all results seem to have ‘<’ and ‘>’ instead of ‘<’ and ‘>’, so perhaps this has something to do with it.