Public Enonic XP roadmap


We’re introducing a public roadmap. This will be updated from time to time, therefore we’re pinning this thread to the Features category. This list indicates what we are working on, but do read the disclaimers at the bottom.

Upcoming version (7.0):

These are the features and improvements that are on track for being included in the very next release of Enonic XP. This version is currently labeled 7.0.

General changes:

  • Upgrade to Java 11
  • Upgrade to ElasticSearch
  • Upgrade Gradle
  • Take Content Studio out of core, publish via Market.
  • Take most libraries out of core, publish via Market.
  • New developer portal.

For Developers:

  • Basic EcmaScript6 support
  • Brand new CLI for development and replacement of Toolbox
  • Remove “name” from Fieldsets
  • Support for JavaScript request filters
  • New request mode called “inline” and “preview” for running page preview in tab versus from the grid.
  • Upgrade scripts from 6->7
  • Enable description for components, content types and widgets
  • New low-level handling of versions, for faster vacuum and reduced use of space
  • Restrict content selectors and tags to be scoped within site by default
  • Rename userstores to idProviders
  • Support stemming for search
  • New name for default cms repo: com.enonic.cms.default
  • Run /status and /api on dedicated ports
  • Lower case request headers
  • Disable Anonymous from permissions UI

For Editors:

  • HtmlArea Image styles with CSS decorators
  • HtmlArea - Handle references inside content
  • Tag input - Add filter for site/path/contenttype
  • Merge Inspect panel and Details panel in the Content Wizard
  • Prevent scripts from html area/text component
  • Improvements of the Details panel UI (widgets dropdown)
  • Report detailed permissions for Users


These are our plans for the next future release of Enonic XP. The plans for future versions like this are not set in stone and will change more often than current version we’re working on. Usually these features will come in the version after the one we’re currently working on, or the version after that.

  • Suggest feature for Node API
  • Search highlighter
  • New vacuum tool
  • Workflow/Checklists support in Content API
  • Translations support within Content Studio UI
  • Customizable admin background for homescreen
  • Site roles
  • Clean up read permissions and write permissions
  • Front-end nodes should not need to mount “filesystem”
  • Support Object Store for blobs (nodes)
  • Node variant support (live copy/clones)
  • Job Scheduler
  • Introduce “session” API rather than “auth”?
  • Drop “templates” content type and folder
  • Distributions or property to disable admin, portal or app endpoint?


Priorities in the list above changes quickly and without warning. Especially when we’re closing in on a release, features might be delayed and moved to the following release. Bare in mind that these lists are not complete, we also work on many other issues for each version (complete overview in Github). These lists should be viewed as indicators only, and as a living document.

The entire backlog is a lot longer than this, it will not be published here. The full backlog contains improvements and features ranging from small to large and those are currently not planned to a specific version. This list is evaluated constantly with things moved, added, and removed.

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum. We want one thread per issue.