Public service announcement: Critical change in Java 8u92 causes exception in Enonic XP

Enonic version: All versions

Hi everybody!

In Enonic XP, we use some of the internal methods in the Nashorn Javascript engine. As a part of the latest Java update, version 8 update 92, one of these internal methods have had their method signature changed. This is causing some of the Enonic XP API methods to fail with a MethodNotFoundException when running on Java 8u92.

Therefore, we have to urge you all not to update your JVMs past update 91. This applies to all versions of Enonic XP.

We are working to alleviate the consequences of this problem. Please follow this forum for news, workarounds and updates.

Best regards,
Jørgen Sivesind
Quality Manager @ Enonic

This bug has now been fixed. Download the latest release, version 6.5.4, in order to use Enonic XP on Java 8 update 92. More info in the release article .

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