Publishing Large amount og content is slow

I have created 700 person profiles as a contentype in Enonic XP thru a Service interface. I had forgotten to publish them and needed to do this manually

After selecting all of them and clicked “Publish”. The process started with no feedback and it used about ±2min.

Is it possible to add some notification to the user that something is happening not just when things are done ?

(The publishing went OK)

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I little help in this (better late than never) is that you can just click and select the main folder (the one containing all the person profiles) and then click “Publish”. This will publish the folder and all the children without you having to select all them kids manually.

But still you won’t see any progress until the “Done”-message comes up when all content are done publishing.

Would be nice if you tested publishing with only selecting the parent, and report on speed for that.
Also, with 6.0 (ETA this summer) a fancy publishing wizard will open when clicking publish, so no longer waiting in the dark for something to happen :smile:

Just by looking at the logs, publishing/changing permissions on a single object can take 1-3 seconds on a i7 macbook pro. I have changed permissions on a root folder, and it took 10min+ to apply the permissions, same with publishing.

Very strange indeed, never seen anything like this myself. An export of data or even better a zip of the repo would be helpful if its not too big (to [email protected])

How many items are we talking about?

This is resolved in 6.1. We did a major refactoring in the node layer.