Query folder depth

Lets say I have 1 folder with 2 children like this:

A. Parent folder

  ___a. Child_1
  ___a. Child_2

How can I retrieve only Child_1_1 & Child_1_2 objects from parent folder but not all content from its children ?

I managed to retrieve all the content using query module (lib/xp/content) but I would like to retrieve only those items. Does enonic have some feature for defining query depth ? I could not find it.

I will appreciate any help you can provide me.

var nearestSite = portal.getSite();

var result = contentLib.query({
    start: 0,
    count: 400,
    sort: "modifiedTime DESC",
    query: "_path LIKE '/content"+nearestSite._path+"/provetakning-og-diagnostikk/'*",
    contentTypes: [
        app.name + ':custom-folder'

Hello sir, I think this will help you:


okay rmy I missed reading this part in the docs.

It worked.

thank you!