Radio button layout in part config window seems broken

Enonic version: 6.7.3
OS: Windows 10, Chrome 55.0.2883.28 beta (64-bit)

I am having a problem with the rendering of checkboxes in the part config. They seem to have some unneeded styling that disrupts the layout in the inspector window. I tried to recreate this on a collegues machine, but it looks OK with the same xp version on his mac book using chrome.

As you hopefully can see from the first screenshot the radio buttons have a width of 100% (from it’s min-width: 100% rule) which seem to disrupt the normal layout for radio buttons. If I disable the “.context-window .inspection-panel .form-view .input-view .form-input” rule or remove .form-input from the radio buttons, the layout seems fine.

Is this something I have caused somehow, or is it just a bug in the inspector?


Seemingly broken:
Seemingly fixed:

Tnx for the input!
I’m sure we can fix this for 6.8 - @ase

The fix for this issue will be available in version 6.8

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