React4xp SSR error

Enonic version: 7.12.2

OS: Linux

Since upgrading reac4xp, i have been getting this errors randomly on different parts. They all in the same Page, but different parts, sometimes it happens with development build_env, sometimes production. It doesnt seem to be the case why its happening, but still mentioning.

I have attached log file with the error below. Any help or clarification would be helpful. Maybe the issue is with the upgrade, maybe some other libs havent been updated by me

It looks like you are still using nashorn, which is no longer supported:

“We have dropped support for Nashorn in favour of Graal.JS.”

Either you are running Enonic XP on a custom Java or you still have react4xp.ssr.engineName in your app.config.


I’ve had one more person report this issue, and they didn’t have Nashorn configured, so there might be something else going on. We’re looking into it.