React4xp starter not working


Is it just me or isn’t the cli starter for react4xp (Setting up your project) working?

Am I doing something wrong?

No problem from here… Check other starters too, but it looks like a network issue.


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This is weird. I can git clone the repo, but the cli keeps breaking at that point.
I’ll try in a different network later today and post a feedback.

I tested this again today, on another machine, in another network, and the project startup worked. The problem now is that the following step, the sandbox setup, gave a 404 :sweat_smile:

Captura de tela de 2022-12-21 11-37-59

Sounds like a network issue to me… It seems you are getting an error when trying to fetch the list of XP distros. Tried this now, and everything worked fine.