_references don't update on ItemSet's HtmlArea

Enonic version: 7.10.3
OS: Ubuntu

I have a very simple content type with an ItemSet:

	<display-name>Test type</display-name>
		<item-set name="itemset">
			<label>Item Set</label>
			<occurrences minimum="0" maximum="0" />
				<input type="HtmlArea" name="area">

I also have a service in my project that will look for unused documents, such as PDF files, images, etc. For that, I am querying for all of these documents and, on by one, querying all contents in the site that have _references="<document_id>". This works fine, even with links in HtmlAreas, but when I try to add a link to a document in an entry of the item set that isn’t the first one, the _references property won’t update with the new document. This is visible when looking at the content’s dependencies:

It shows that there’s only one outbound dependency (in this case, “Document 1”).

This was fixed in XP 7.11.2: Content references are not extracted from all input occurrences · Issue #9915 · enonic/xp · GitHub

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