Regenerate image metadata

Enonic version: XP 7.1.1


I recently got an archive with a bunch of migrated files, mostly images. I have imported this data using the Data Toolbox.

All the imported images are missing the extra data with imageInfo such as imageWidth and imageHeight. So my question is, does Enonic have a tool/function for “regenerating” this information?

You could try to run the reprocess command with the enonic CLI:

According to the documentation above, this will generate image metadata, although I’m not sure if this includes imageWidth and imageHeight. But it won’t hurt to run the script, anyway.

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Nice! It timed out probably because what described on slack here.. What worked for me was this (also from slack).

Like you mentioned, this regenerated the image metadata as expected. Here is the command incase others are experiencing the same: time curl -u "username:password" -vvv -d '{"sourceBranchPath": "draft:/CONTENT_PATH"}' -H'Content-Type: application/json' -X'POST' http://localhost:4848/content/reprocess