Related dropdown lists in ContentStudio

Enonic version: 6.14
OS: Mac & Linux

Hi there, I wonder if it is possible in Content Studio create a second selection box which content would depend on selection made in first one?
There’ s a profile content type that includes attribute skills (content-selector).
There’s a Skills folder that contains different skills for dev and qa. If content manager chooses dev then the content-selector should filter all skills related to dev.

    <option id='dev' selected='selected'>dev</option>
    <option id='qa'>qa</option>

<content selector>
    .. all skills filtered by 'dev'
</content selector>

Is this possible to do?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at “optionSets”

I use option-set like in example with social-links in Corporate Theme App.
But in this case, I see dev skills, hr skills, qa skills, etc skills as a list. Can I see it as a combobox?

This is what I could do, which is nice. But I wanted to do a bit differently: to make two separate comboboxes. When I choose type in profile (e.g. qa) in one combobox, I see in another one - Skills Info list - only QA Skills.

Is this possible to do or not?

Hi Nat,

We do not currently support “connected” fields like you ask for. But we do plan to open up a way to build custom input types which would let you do things like that.

Using option-sets like you do in the example there is the best way to go for now.

Best regards,

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Thank you Bobby.
Then I’ll stay with this option up to now.

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