Removing group created from code from a userstore is not possible

I created a user store and associated it with one of my id providers. However, should I create a group for this userstore (not from the admin interface, mind you), I’m unable to remove it! If I do select it and click on remove, it disappears from the view, and the popup saying that the principal was removed is shown. However, clicking on refresh, or closing and opening the groups node, or coming back to this page, and the group reappears, as if it was never truly removed. Super annoying behaviour.


This looks like a bug, yes. We are looking into it right now.

So, just for clarification, I’m not trying to remove the userstore that has a group, I’m trying to remove a group from my created userstore.

I can edit the groups just fine, change their names and such. But removing, no can do.

Yes, we have found the problem, and are trying to figure out a solution

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Amazing, thanks! Let me know more about!

Hi Cauani, I just updated your thread/question title to reflect this better. I moved it out from another question to keep them separate but failed to create a good title =)

Nothing to worry about, just wanted to make sure I was clear haha, thanks!

Ok, this will be fixed to 6.9 at least, we will discuss if it also will mean a 6.8.x release