Replace Anonymous permission for Everyone

Enonic version: 7.4
OS: Ubuntu


Is it possible to replace all contents’ permission for user Anonymous with role Everyone on CS, or I can only do that on code (nodeLib, etc)?


There is no such thing as “replace” when it comes to permissions.
Simply remove permissions for “anonymous”, add “everyone”, save and publish the changes.

Ok. Is there a way to remove/insert a single permission on a whole tree?
I see there’s an option to overwrite the children’s permissions, but will this clone the parent’s permissions to its children or just apply what’s been changed?

When you check the “overwrite” children. What happens is that all child items will get the “inherit from parent = true” flag, and get the exact same permissions as current node.

If you don’t check this flag, system will attempt to modify child items, but not fully reset. Try it out on a test environment to see what happens :slight_smile:

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