Request for Expanded Regular Expression Tolerance in XP/CS for URL-Encoding

Enonic version: 7.12.2
CS version: 4.5.2

Dear good folks!

I am writing to inform you of a recent development concerning one of the newer versions of XP/CS. One of the latest releases has improved the flexibility of enonics regular expressions, now accepting URL-encoded characters in anchors, as observed in this GitHub issue: Can't add some links in HtmlArea · Issue #2890 · enonic/lib-admin-ui · GitHub.

This modification has opened up the possibility of utilizing URLs, such as: Forskrift om utfyllende tekniske og arkivfaglige bestemmelser om behandling av offentlige arkiver (riksarkivarens forskrift) - Del I. Innledende bestemmelser - Lovdata.

However, we have noted that the current regular expression rules remain too stringent for our editors when it comes to posting certain types of URLs, specifically SharePoint URLs, e.g.,[…]Personal%2Fvalidplease&viewid=3204ecd9-3360-499d-b8.

In light of this, I kindly request that you consider further relaxing the constraints of the regular expressions to accommodate URLs of this nature. I believe this change will significantly enhance our editors’ user experience and ease of work.

Best regards,
Frederik Holberg

Dear Fredrik Holberg,

Thank you for posting the usecase and the request to improve the system.
I’ll take this up on our next meeting where we discuss features and improvements to our software.

Best regards
Persijn Kwekkeboom

It’s the [...] in this URL that breaks validation. We have another issue for adjusting regex restriction so we can take along your request as well.

This is now fixed in Content Studio 4.5.3 (requires XP 7.12.0 or higher).

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