Restoring version: path to content is not restored

Enonic version: 6.15.6

I don’t know if this is a bug, but if it isn’t it would be nice to get an explanation for why this is implemented as it is.
Let us say that I have a content with path “my-content”, and then I decide to change the path to “new-path-for-my-content”. Then later on, I would like to restore the version of the content that contains the original path “my-content”. When restoring to that version everything else that was originally in the this version is restored, but not the path. As I restore the content initially I would expect the path to go back to “my-content”, but what’s happening today is the path continue to be “new-path-for-my-content”.

Even if it might look like path and content are saved in the version from Content Studio, this is not the case.

The tree structure is handled separately from the content. As such the tree structure only points to a specific version of a content.

There are good reasons for this. I.e. what should happen to child items if you restored a version, and the path suddenly changes?

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I guess the UI is to blame here, and we will improve renaming experience in future version.

This makes sense, thank you.