Restrict type of content when uploading content into a folder

Enonic XP 6.15.1

Is there an easy way to restrict which type of content I can upload into a standard folder in Content Studio?

Ie. I just want to upload images, so when I click on the folder --> new --> then I am allowed to only upload media content types. (And other content types are not shown in the selector).

Currently no.
Are you requesting this as a feature?

Yes please, it would be nice, but not the highest priority.

This was already in our backlog, so it will be implemented :slight_smile:
Currently not scheduled!

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This is from dec. 18. Do you know when this will be implemented?

No date so far… but likely in 2019.

Did not make it, but still in the list :slight_smile:

XP7.7 includes support for filtering content within other content types. This means you can create a custom folder content type which restricts to for instance media:image.

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