Roadmap update April 2020

Enonic XP:

Short term (H1 2020):

  • 7.3 release
  • Content projects
  • Compressed exports and dumps

Long term:

  • Hazelcast grid memory support
  • Layers support in Content API (based on child branches) Will enable smart language handling and more
  • Pluggable dashboard on start screen
  • New image processor
  • Upgrade to newest Elasticsearch
  • Graal VM - Low level JavaScript support from next gen JVM

Content Studio:

Short term (H1 2020):

  • Release CS 3.0
  • Support for switching between projects (isolate content and sites)
  • Project roles (granular feature access)
  • UI improvements
  • Compare versions

Long term:

  • Support for layers - translation and content enrichment
  • Styles for text elements in rich text editor
  • Archive to replace delete
  • New advanced search UI
  • Ready checks (triggered during “mark as ready” in workflow)
  • Scheduled publish of modifications
  • Custom input types


  • GatsbyJS plugin and guide
  • React4XP 1.0
  • Enonic Explorer (Extendible enterprise search app)
  • Gullotine 5 - Next step on our popular headless API
  • Social sharing widget
  • Starters clean-up (templates vs sample apps)

Enonic Experience Cloud:

  • Developer Self service signup
  • Basic dashboards and reporting
  • Migration to Kubernetes
  • Self service API and UI
  • Cloud CLI

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system 1 for subscription customers.

Thank you!


I’m most excited about Graal VM!

But what is “Custom input types”? Sounds like something else I would be excited about!

Ability to build your own input types, yes indeed :slight_smile:

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