Roadmap update April 2021

Hei everyone, XP 7.7 and Content Studio 3.3 is closing in on feature freeze, and we just completed the release of Guillotine 5, Fotoware integration and the all new lib-static this week.

Here is the latest update of our roadmap:

Enonic XP:

Planned for XP 7.7, Q2:

  • Image srcset from htmlProcessor
  • Job scheduler service
  • Scheduled cleaning of audit log
  • Scheduled vacuuming

Long term:

  • Compile time schema validation
  • Wildcards in vhost config
  • Custom selector improvements
  • Configurable search scoring
  • Lib-node import/export
  • Query DSL
  • Basic Grid memory API
  • Pluggable dashboard
  • API token based authentication
  • New image processor
  • Upgrade to newest Elasticsearch
  • Permission updates without versioning
  • Graal VM - Low level JavaScript support from next gen JVM

Content Studio

Planned for CS 3.3, Q2:

  • Character counter for textline and textarea input types if “max count value” is set
  • Filter parts and layouts for content types
  • Better responsiveness for image selector gallery
  • Content Types filter child content (i.e. only allow persons stored under office)
  • List name expression
  • Content Type deprecation (prevents creation of new items)

Long term:

  • Instant move - To be implemented similar to “delete later”
  • Permissions UI improvements
  • More responsive widget panel
  • Issue system improvements
  • Archive/Restore
  • Default preview
  • Search improvements
  • Scheduled publish of modifications
  • See who’s editing
  • New advanced search UI
  • Improved issue handling / Workflow
  • Upgrade to CKeditor 5
  • Block editor input type
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Custom input types


  • NextJS integration
  • Explorer - Import API
  • Server Sent events library

Enonic CLI:

  • Initial support for Enonic Cloud
  • Proxy injection to Sandbox
  • No prompts mode (ideal for CI/CD environments)

Enonic Cloud:

  • Trials access, summer 2021
  • Production use H2 2021

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system for subscription customers.

Thank you!