Roadmap update December 2020

Enonic XP:

Short term (H1 2021):

  • Content Layers (supporting multilingual content)
  • Distributed task executor
  • Vhost api
  • Image srcset from htmlProcessor
  • Custom selector improvements
  • Improved job scheduler
  • Basic Grid memory API
  • Lib-node import/export
  • Wildcards in vhost config

Long term:

  • Pluggable dashboard
  • Compile time schema validation
  • API token based authentication
  • SSE library
  • Query DSL
  • New image processor
  • Background vacuuming
  • Upgrade to newest Elasticsearch
  • Permission updates without versioning
  • Graal VM - Low level JavaScript support from next gen JVM

Content Studio

Short term (H1 2021):

  • Support for layers - translation and content enrichment
  • Improvements in publishing wizard
  • Bigger modal windows
  • Improved usability for itemset/optionset
  • On hold/hidden content status
  • Search improvements
  • Permissions UI improvements
  • Issue system improvements
  • Improved listing of image selector in small screens
  • Content type filtering in tree structure
  • Part filtering based on content type
  • Archive to replace delete

Long term:

  • Styles for text elements in rich text editor
  • Block editor input type
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Scheduled publish of modifications
  • New advanced search UI
  • Ready checks (triggered during “mark as ready” in workflow)
  • Custom input types


  • Content studio +
  • Rewrite app
  • Gullotine 5 - Subscription improvements and aggregations
  • Audit log app

Enonic CLI:

  • Initial support for Enonic Cloud
  • Proxy injection to Sandbox

Enonic Cloud:

  • Developer access early 2021
  • Production use H1 2021

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system 1 for subscription customers.

Thank you!


If this isn’t exposed as some sort of custom function, could we get the chance to influence the output? I’m really hoping for the ability to customize this, and not have some fits-most-settings.

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SSE = Server-sent events?

Hi. The plan is that you can at least specify the sizes for the images when executing processHtml. Suggestions and input is much appreciated.

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Regarding compile time schema validation. I’m guessing this is a Gradle Plugin.

We are parsing all the xml-files in an XP-project into our own data structure in xp-codegen-plugin. And then we render out new generated code as JavaScript or TypeScript-files.

I was thinking that if you develop your plugin layered, other Gradle plugins (like ours) can maybe depend on Gradle-tasks to get an already parsed datastructure for every xml. Thus making it easier to create open source projects for compile time.

We are using a non-xp-standard xml attribute (codegen-output) in our Gradle-plugin.

Will there be some way to continue to use custom syntax in the xml-files, and still pass validation?

Nice. Where should I post my thoughts? Is it a github issue?

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No Github issue for this yet. Best if you open a new topic on Discuss.

Ait. Will do :slight_smile: