Roadmap update January 2021

Hei everyone, with the big release of 7.6 we are able to look forward to new adventures.

Here is the latest update of our roadmap:

Enonic XP:

Short term (H1 2021):

  • Image srcset from htmlProcessor
  • Custom selector improvements
  • Job scheduler service
  • Basic Grid memory API
  • Lib-node import/export
  • Wildcards in vhost config

Long term:

  • Pluggable dashboard
  • Compile time schema validation
  • API token based authentication
  • SSE library
  • Query DSL
  • Background vacuuming
  • New image processor
  • Upgrade to newest Elasticsearch
  • Permission updates without versioning
  • Graal VM - Low level JavaScript support from next gen JVM

Content Studio

Short term (H1 2021):

  • See who’s editing
  • Part filtering based on content type
  • Permissions UI improvements
  • More responsive widget panel
  • Improved listing of image selector in small screens
  • Issue system improvements
  • Archive to replace delete
  • Search improvements
  • Content type filtering in tree structure
  • Default preview

Long term:

  • On hold/hidden content status
  • New advanced search UI
  • Block editor input type
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Scheduled publish of modifications
  • Styles for text elements in rich text editor
  • Ready checks (triggered during “mark as ready” in workflow)
  • Custom input types


  • Rewrite app (ETA February 2021)
  • Gullotine 5 - Subscription, html area improvements and aggregations
  • Fotoware integration
  • Explorer - Import API
  • Lib-static - optimised delivery of static assets

Enonic CLI:

  • Initial support for Enonic Cloud
  • Proxy injection to Sandbox

Enonic Cloud:

  • Developer access early 2021
  • Production use H1 2021

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system 1 for subscription customers.

Thank you!