Roadmap update July 2023

Hi everyone, here is an update to our roadmap:

We have just released XP 7.13 and Content Studio 5 which include a range of new features and improvements. Also our Next.js integration (Next.xp) went live this spring.

We are continuing our work with the following focus areas:

  • The developer journey
  • Advanced CMS features

Enonic XP:

Short term:

  • Ability to export/import entire project
  • Multi inheritance for layers
  • Content level events
  • Service accounts (JWT auth via system ID provider)
  • Common extendable /api endpoint

Long term:

  • Bulk update of media
  • Bulk update general
  • Custom selector - context + support other value types
  • contentLib getXdata API
  • Tasks - get list of all available tasks via API
  • Micrometer logging
  • Graal.js as default engine
  • Permissions handling (detach from node version)
  • Improved data upgrade support
  • Global groups
  • Custom permission objects (i.e. compose roles from fine-grained permissions)
  • New testing toolkit

Content Studio / Admin

Short term:

  • Drop pencil from rename in edit mode
  • Move from edit mode
  • Decorator flag for images in rich text
  • Configurable “sender” of email
  • Publishing wizard date selector should default to Now
  • Expand target item after move operation in grid
  • Configurable label size in inputs
  • Fix blurred backround on search/replace
  • Update media yes/no dialog on upload (bulk)
  • Update media also in image selector/media selector
  • Custom selector gallery mode
  • Improved move UI
  • Publishing report (detailed JSON extract of changes in published content, for legal reporting etc)
  • Rich text custom styles

Long term:

  • AI assistant integration
  • Scheduled publish improvements (modified items + events)
  • Workflow improvements
  • Standard preview (images and content)
  • HtmlArea - improved macro handling
  • Reports panel - Standard and custom reporting
  • Soft logout - Modal dialog instead of redirect
  • Configurable “notifications” timeout on file
  • Welcome tour
  • Default media location per project
  • Improved permissions UI
  • Instant move
  • Admin profiles
  • Custom input types
  • Able to show “entire” diff of a field (now only shows the changes within field)


Short term:

  • Tsup starter - Lightning fast builds for improved developer experience
  • Next.XP 2.0 - Multi-language support and other improvements
  • Explorer 2.0 - New version of our search engine offering
  • Guillotine 7 - Single endpoint + Augmentable via apps
  • Iframe preview app
  • Adobe Target widget

Long term:

  • Model studio 2.0 - No-code visual schema editor
  • Nuxt standard integration
  • SvelteKit standard integration

Enonic CLI:

  • Bootstrap sandboxes via solution template
  • Default to dev mode

Enonic self-service cloud (Beta):

Short term:

  • Free plan
  • Log viewer
  • Audit trail

Long term:

  • Multi-account support
  • Custom domains
  • Backup-restore
  • Service configuration
  • Secrets encryption
  • Metrics

That’s it for now :slight_smile:

If you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system for subscription customers.

Thank you!


“Graal.js as default engine” :orange_heart::orange_heart: Free us from the hassle of babel! :grin:


The Tsup starter will help out with that before Graal is the default :slight_smile: