Roadmap update June 2021

Hei everyone!
XP 7.7, Content Studio 3.3, Guillotine 5.2 and Office league 3 have just been released :slight_smile:
We are also looking at the XP8 scope and are currently doing a PoC using GraalJS as a replacement for Nashorn (yay).

Here is the latest update of our roadmap:

Enonic XP:

Short term:

  • LibNode - Import/export
  • CMS archive/restore
  • Typescript definitions in core
  • Query DSL in node/content API
  • Custom selector - add more context
  • Custom selector - Support storing other value types than string
  • Compile time schema validation
  • contentLib getXdata API
  • Tasks - get list of all available tasks via API

Long term:

  • Page editor without presentation layer
  • Block editor
  • Prevent move/delete of site with existing vhost mapping
  • Micrometer logging
  • Cluster cache API
  • TOKEN based access to API’s (i.e. app key, etc in standard way)
  • XP8

Content Studio

Short term:

  • Archive / restore
  • Enable spellchecker for text fields
  • Image component - deprecate
  • UI improvement - Increase dropdowns list size
  • Bigger widget panel automatically for large screens
  • CS admin API - move from core to app
  • Default preview (for headless + version history ++)
  • Soft logout - Modal dialog instead of redirect
  • Modified by “me” / other user in search
  • Publishing wizard date selector should default to Now
  • Dateselector - Add reset button (possibly also a “Now” button)
  • Dateselector - Automatically close after selecting date
  • See who’s editing
  • Image preview enhancements
  • Configurable “notifications” timeout on file
  • Htmlarea - Improve insert link usability
  • Delete Dialog improvements (list dependendices for entire tree)
  • Add config for transliteration of URLs/name

Long term:

  • Search improvements
  • Default media location per project
  • Permissions UI fixups
  • Instant move
  • Admin profiles
  • Able to show “entire” diff of a field (now only shows the changes within field)
  • Scheduled publish 2 (publish modified items + event)
  • CS Issues page and improvements
  • Welcome tutorial
  • Custom input types


  • NextJS integration
  • Explorer - Import API
  • Office league Angular upgrade
  • Google analytics update

Enonic CLI:

  • Enonic Cloud support
  • Misc bugfixes

Enonic Cloud:

  • Trials access, summer 2021
  • Production use H2 2021

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system for subscription customers.

Thank you!