Roadmap update June 2022

Fresh news from the product roadmap

Enonic XP:

Planned for XP 7.10 (ETA within 2 weeks)

  • Replaces JVM with GraalVM (enabled by default for React4XP, JS framework still uses Nashorn)
  • Cluster wide sharedMap API

XP next

  • Store schemas (content types etc) in repo
  • Typescript definitions in core
  • Map applications to content projects
  • Home screen widgets
  • Replace tour with templates
  • Improved support for external rendering engines in edit mode

Long term:

  • Custom selector - add more context
  • Custom selector - Support storing other value types than string
  • contentLib getXdata API
  • Tasks - get list of all available tasks via API
  • Prevent move/delete of site with existing vhost mapping
  • Micrometer logging
  • TOKEN based access to API’s (i.e. app key, etc in standard way)
  • Java17
  • Permissions handling (detach from node version)
  • Store groups globally
  • Improved model upgrades support

Content Studio

Planned for 4.2 (ETA next week):

  • Improved search
  • Search in archive (CS+)

Next up:

  • See who’s editing
  • Htmlarea - Improve insert link usability

Long term:

  • Rich Text editor styles
  • Workflow improvements
  • Default preview (for headless + version history ++)
  • HtmlArea reloaded
  • Soft logout - Modal dialog instead of redirect
  • Image preview enhancements
  • Configurable “notifications” timeout on file
  • Welcome tour
  • Scheduled publish #2 (publish modified items + event)
  • Default media location per project
  • Permissions fixups
  • Instant move
  • Admin profiles
  • Custom input types
  • Able to show “entire” diff of a field (now only shows the changes within field)


  • NextJS integration 1.0
  • Explorer 2.0 - Great updates for our search offering
  • Model studio (No code schema builder)
  • Guillotine 6, project level API

Enonic CLI:

  • Introduce dev mode

Enonic self-service cloud:

  • Multi-account support
  • Subscription Plans
  • Backup-restore
  • Metrics
  • Audit trail
  • Service configuration
  • Secrets encryption

That’s it for now, if you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum or our support system for subscription customers.

Thank you!