Roadmap update June 2024

Hello everyone. Here is another update to our roadmap. :star_struck:
Our focus areas are still Advanced CMS features and The Developer journey.

Since our last update, several projects have been wrapped - resulting in a bonanza of releases, including but not limited to:

:tada: XP 7.14
:tada: Enonic CLI 3 - Dev mode is now default
:tada: Enonic Cloud - Free plan
:tada: Guillotine 7 - Pluggable GraphQL API
:tada: OIDC IDprovider 3 - New features and configuration options
:tada: Sitemap.xml 2 - G7 enabled
:tada: Menu app - G7 enabled
:tada: SEO metafield 2 - G7 enabled
:tada: Next.XP 3 - Using /app router
:tada:: Booster app - Smart cache
:tada: Content Studio 5.2 - Customer feature requests
:tada: TypeScript starter - Best practice starter
:tada: Jest tutorial - Testing XP apps

Below you’ll find details on what to expect as we push forward:

Almost there

- K8S operator :video_game:

The operator is ready for use, only missing the final testing and documentation updates

Release - Summer 2024.

- AI assistant - Milestone 1 :robot:

We start with the basics when integrating AI directly with Content Studio. What to expect:

  • General authoring assistance
  • Understands schemas and can work with text-based field
  • Mention field and insert text from chat
  • Contextually launch assistant for any field

Expect a range of creativity and productivity boosting features to follow this initial release!

Release - Summer 2024

In progress

- Accessiblity Double Down :bangbang:

We’re performing a thourough walkthrough of Content Studio and our most popular XP applications to reach industry leading compliance scores.


- Search refresh :mag:

Based on feedback, we’re doing an iteration on the Content Studio search for improved functionality and ease of use.


- LiveView :mag_right:

Content Studio’a visual editing and preview has so far been handled via the site engine. LiveView will allow developer to build fully customized preview and visual editor handlers outside of the site engine. What to expect:

  • New pluggable widget type to handle both preview and visual edit mode
  • Build your own widgets - optimized for your front-end
  • Automatically or manually select which View to use
  • Standard JSON preview (Say goodbye to content viewer :wave:)
  • Next.js variant (Ships with new version of Next.xp)
  • Generic iframe preview

Release - H2 2024

- XP8 :heartbeat:

Our next breaking release of XP, aka XP8 is well on it’s way. What to expect:

  • :white_check_mark: Change permissions without having to re-publish
  • :white_check_mark: Service accounts - key-based authentication for the system IDprovider
  • :white_check_mark: API first - New /api endpoint
  • Node patching - modify data without having to re-publish
  • Native Ecmascript 2023 support (GraalJS as the default JS engine)
  • Improved navigation in Users app
  • XP menu will no longer open new tabs per app :tada:
  • Code: Renaming of Xdata, Mixins, and site/ folder
  • Java 21 and dependencies updates
  • Update of documentation
  • Minimize manual steps required to upgrade from XP7

ETA Early 2025

- Content Studio 6 :mirror_ball:

Together with XP8, we will also release a new iteration of Content Studio. What to expect:

  • Facelift - touching up the design
  • Shiny new Rich Text editor
  • Autosave functionality
  • Soft logout (This one is for you Bobby)

ETA Early 2025

Enonic Next

For 2025, we have lined up the following projects

- Workflow 2.0 :heavy_check_mark:

We will add highly requested features, polish and improve almost every aspect of our issue system. What to expect:

  • Pluggable checks for content readiness
  • Per item review in issue/publishing wizard
  • Scheduled publish of modified items
  • Rich text and attachments in comments
  • Improved issues UI

- Macros 2.0 :stop_button:

We’re redesigning and improving macros for a more contemporary experience, including similar functionality as page components. What we will do:

  • Improved UI with new Macro object in the rich text editor.
  • Persist Macros similar to page components
  • Extended schema support, like other components
  • Support hard links within macros

- DAMkit :camera:

Images and other media exist in many places, and we want to make it even easier to integrate such sources with Content Studio. By making the inserting and uploading of media pluggable, you can more easily find and insert assets from other systems. What to expect:

  • Pluggable “media uploader”
  • Keeps track of which items have already been uploaded
  • Optional “keep in synch with origin” support
  • Keep all the benefits of XP’s image and media handling
  • Integration with AI assistant to generate images on the fly
  • Standard integrations available on Enonic Market

- Real time editing :boom:

We’re lifting Content Studio’s to the next level by introducing real-time editing capabilities - Google docs style.

That’s all folks! :clapper:

If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please post in the Features category, or use our support system (for subscription customers only).