Role permissions

Enonic version: 6.12.0
OS: Linux

Hi !

I think I found a bug with new Enonic version ( 6.12.0 ). We have role Editor that can edit some content. Also we have users as a content object. Editor can see users with role Everyone. But Editor can not add users to news object as an author. It worked earlier with Enonic version 6.11.1. To confirm that I just switched back to older version. So these are the roles that we have:

Editor role:

  • can read all content
  • can create/edit articles

User object:

  • can be viewed by anyone
  • can be changed only by one user

So, is this a bug or should I change something with role config ?

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What do you mean “users as a content object”? Are you linking to users or have you created a “users” content type?

We have user content type.

In general this is our setup:

User with role Editor can read user object, but can’t change it. This user can change Article object, but can not relate user object as author.

Hmm… So the “editor” is unable to create link to “user content” from “article content”, even if he has read permissions on the “user content”?
Is the “user content” appearing in the content selector at all? Have you set any filters on the contentSelector?


yes, but all users are “disabled”.


A bit more information. Each editor has a reference to user object which he/she can edit. Other user objects are just readable. And editor can add only own user object as a reference. So it looks like that editor should have write access on object to add as a reference.

Ok. So the “unlinkable” objects are where he only has read permission - and these are grey? If this is the case it is clearly a bug. Maybe @ase can shed some light on it?

We have reproduced and registered the bug: It will be released in version 6.12.2 in a few days.

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This bug is fixed in version 6.12.2 that was released today.

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Thank you ! Everything works fine :slight_smile:

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