Rollback access rights

Enonic v 6.13.1

We have messed up with access rights on one of the site. Can someone help us rollback it?

I have changed the access rights to the parent folder and published along with checking “overwrite child permission”. Now all the access rights to the child folders which are 100+ in numbers have got changed. ( where each folder has special rights depending on each user )

This has serious consequences to the functionality of the site and need those rights back.

I don’t want to rollback other changes that have happened in last few weeks but access rights.

Thanks in advance!

I hope you have installed the snapshotter app? If so, use the datatoolbox and restore to a previous snapshot.
Alternatively, you need to rollback each single content to a previous version, and re-publish. I guess the latter can be scripted?

I do have a “snapshotter” app installed. But isn’t using that will revert all the contents to previous state. Which also means, reverting all the activities done on other sites, pages.
But what I want is to do that for one single folder and sub folders/files to that.

True, everything will be reverted, but this would be the only quick option to restore your previous state. For every hour you delay, the offset from your previous state will grow…