RSS App. How do we use it?


I am trying to use the RSS app. The app is installed and added to the site. I also created a content type of type RSS.

Do we have a documentation besides the readme file on this ? I am confused on how to configure it properly.

How do I map the fields and how do I run the script ?

Hi Oliver,

Yes sorry about that, it is in beta so it’s not fully documented.

You need to do the settings inside your new content (of content type RSS). In there you first select the Content Type you want to extract into your RSS (we only support one content type in the beta). After that you will need to map the fields - title, description, and publish date. The documentation/readme lists the default paths it will look in, but most of the time you need some custom mapping.

You would for instance write “data.heading” in the mapping for title if you write titles in a field called “heading” in your content type.

After setting it up once and seeing how it connects it should be a breeze the next time at least.

Just ask if you need any more help, I built it so nobody should know better than me how to set it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, very important to follow these setup steps:

When a Page Template is in place, and that is using the correct page controller, then the XML will be working. You can just select your content of type RSS and see it inside Content Studio that the XML comes out. Use preview-button and you’ll get syntax highlighting of the XML if your browser supports that (most do).

thanks for your reply.

I misunderstood the purpose of this app. I was looking for some app that could fetch RSS data and not feed one. I guess I have to create one myself. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Your app looks cool, we might use later on in the project. :+1:

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Haha ok, well thats good in a way since it explained the confusion =)

Yes, the app is for creating RSS-feeds. Any number of them actually. A rss feed meta tag is also added to the <head> of all pages of the side so that tools/readers can “sniff” for it.

Oh yes I see. Perhaps then you will need some XML parsing, and at least start with the http client request lib.

You are right,

I have already created a service for fetching RSS content in an old project. I might just adapt that to this new project. thx again. :+1:

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