Running Enonic in detach mode

Enonic version: 7.12.2
OS: Linux

I am starting the ionic sandbox in detach (-d) mode. But I am seeing that the system stops within 12-24 hours?
Also, I have noticed that sometimes the sandbox is already running, but CMS is not responding.

Please help.


Hi Shanti.

Assuming you mean the Enonic sandbox here?
AFAIK, there is no “detach mode”? Can you please link to the documentation where you found this?

Are you using Enonic CLI? if so, how did you install it?

Also, what do you mean sandbox not responsing, UI, deployment, logs, stopping/starting etc?

You can start sandbox in detach mode:
“enonic sandbox start -d”
I installed using CLI on EC2 server.

You are absolutely right :slight_smile:

Why would you want to run the sandbox in ec2, are you using that for development purposes?

For production use you should not use sandboxes, but regular distros instead.

You have actually hit the right spot. I am unable to run in production mode.
Only commands I see are to run sandbox. No way to un production.

CLI and Sandboxes are only used for development and build purposes like CICD.

To run XP on a VM, use the docker image, Docker image - Enonic Developer Portal

For manual setup use system.d. : Systemd deployments - Enonic Developer Portal

Info about the software distros: XP distributions - Enonic Developer Portal

Software Dcan be downloaded from look for the Enonic XP version matching your architecture + is called “server”.