Search after upgrading to 7.0.0

Enonic version: 7.0.2
OS: Linux


We are using search via fulltext and ngram functions. The query looks like this:

fulltext('displayName^5,data.*,page.*', '" + q + "', 'AND')

In XP 6.x.x, it searched for all the text inside parts of content, while in a new one, it doesn’t. Is it related to some software update(like Elasticsearch) or will updating search indexes will fix this? The database is taken from an old instance.

The updating of search indexes is being running now, but it takes a lot of time. It is taking 26 hours now. Could it be something wrong with it?


If you want to search for everything, you should search in _allText instead of this approach. Page indexing is completely rewritten in XP7

Hi @tsi

Thanks for reply. That helped. :slight_smile:
However, I still got questions: should we reindex the search indexes when we upgrade to a new version of XP or can we skip this action? Is it OK that updating indexes takes that much time?


You should essentially never need to perform a reindex

Thanks for replies! :slight_smile: I got my answers. This thread can be closed.

Sorry! I have one more issue. Example:
Content :{"displayName": "Soppbekjempelse i hageblåbær? [Populærvitenskapelig]"}
Query: ngram('displayName', 'blåbær', 'AND')

If I execute it in XP6, it finds the content, while in XP7, result is empty. Is it related to new indexing? Is there any way to fix this?


You are right.
The ngram for displayName was different from all the others ngram (which were/are using the front ngram, so only from the first letter). It has been harmonised in XP 7.0

There is always a way to do this
displayName LIKE '*blåbær*'
But I am unsure by the cost of this operation

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