Search inside a document

**Enonic version:Enonic 6.3.0
OS: Windows 7


I would like to know how could I search a word or a phrase inside a document for instance a pdf, word, excel, etc?

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure text extraction has not been implemented yet (indexing content of attachments as they are uploaded) - I’ll look into how fast we can get it fixed! Will get back to you soon here!

Thomas is correct, its not yet implemented. But we will look into it.

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Thank you Thomas. I am going to be attentive to this functionality

Any news on indexing document contents?

Hi. This is done, and will be included in 6.6.0 release

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Thanks @rmy!

We are working with a proposal right now. Can you provide a list of which document formats you will support?

We are using Apache Tika, so we support extraction of the same types as there:

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@rmy does this also apply to any media content then, not just attachments?