SEO Meta Fields app launched

Previously known as Open Graph app during beta, now finally finished. Is launched as SEO Meta Fields 1.0.0.

Add this app to your site to get easily customizable and more or less automagic SEO improvements, like title control and Open Graph meta data.

It will add the needed metadata for Open Graph based on current content, with defaults set in the app as a fallback. It also adds the <title> tag and meta description based on current content. You can control how the title is generated, and the name of fields in your content to be evaluated when creating the meta fields in your code.

No code updates are needed on your part to install this app. No config either (except to improve and customize your result, pay special attention to the new SEO Metadata fields added to all contents). The needed HTML code is generated and automatically inserted into your html by this app.

This app (1.0.0 version) is not backwards compatible with earlier beta versions of this app. Upgrading will not work, old data added in previous app will be lost and new data must be added. So if your site already use the beta of open graph-app, don’t upgrade. But use the SEO Meta Fields app instead when building new projects, or add it to projects that are not using the beta-version.


Thanks to some assistance from @selbekk we’ve made this app more robust (it’ll play even nicer with other apps now, because of issues discovered with Page Contributions we didn’t think about).

The app is also introducing two new main features:

  1. exclude entire site (and or specific contents) from search engine robots - thx @selbekk for the pull request.
  2. add meta tag for Google search console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools).

So, welcome the release of version 1.1.0 of this app =) Enjoy!


Have you tried the functionality to define your own data fields to use for generating meta data? Well we just released 1.2.0 because of multiple issues in earlier versions with this. This was discovered when migrating old CMS sites to XP where meta data usually was configured in custom fields. 1.2.0 now handles this perfectly.

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