SEO Meta fields app upgrades

Hi all,

In case you’ve missed it, the SEO Meta fields app now also generates Twitter Cards meta data and Canonical URL meta data. This on top of the Open Graph meta fields and Google Search Console meta tag that it has always generated. These new features were introduced with the 1.3 version released in November of last year.

New today is the 1.3.1 release that mainly introduces usability improvements. Now that Enonic XP supports help texts we’ve added such for all the different settings that this app has. Use these small guides together with the now improved documentation (on the app’s github page) to further master your sites’ SEO!

To further improve usability, most settings have been re-organised into more logical groups (fieldsets), and all labels have been fine-tuned to iron out any confusions.

Get the app from Enonic Market:

The 2.0 plans are to introduce the all new XP option-sets for all the different functions (like “Do you want Twitter Cards yes/no”). This type of restructure of settings will make it simpler to manage. However, this changes how data is stored, so it is a breaking change and will not be introduced just yet. But since XP introduced the main.js startup script we can catch old data and change it to the new format, so no settings will be lost for the users, and no manual upgrade needed.

Also planned for the 2.0 release is to drop any “robots” exclusion settings as we now have the Robots.txt app for that.

Feature requests and bug reports are welcome over at the app’s github page, where you can also follow current development progress and view existing issues.