serviceUrl method on stk

Enonic version: 6.4.1
OS: Wndows 10


I’m using the function serviceUrl (this method recevies these parameters service, params, application) of stk but when I update the reference of com.enonic.lib:util:1.1.1 this method doesn’t exist. Which method replace the serviceUrl method on this on lib:util:1.1.1?

I appreciate your help

This might help you out

Or from JavaScript use the serviceUrl function in lib-portal:!/module-lib_xp_portal.html#.serviceUrl

The STK for XP was only used for early testing. We replaced it with the lib-util but didn’t include everything. The built-in portalLib.serviceUrl() is easy enough to use without a simplified replacement.

It works with the lib-portal library

Thank you for your help