Setting up ELK for Enonic XP

Enonic version: 6.10.1
OS: CentOS

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if the topic has already been discussed or not, but would need help in here.

I was thinking to setup ELK ( Elastic Search , logstash and Kibana ) for our application , so that we can better log monitoring within team and also can get some statistics from the same.

Has anyone done it before ?
Can we somehow get logs in Json format ?
( its easier to setup from there )


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Have not done this personally, but I think our operations department has done something like this in the past. @esu, have you done something like this?

As for the JSON formatted logs - I know there are some libs out there that can do this using logback (the one we are using), but we cannot yet provide custom JAR files in the startup process so for now it will not work. But I will create an issue or this.


The easiest way is to let logstash tail your logfile.
This link should put you in the right direction:

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