Shortcut patterns

As standart, I think a nice feature for future versions would be the shortcut content automatically loads the template of its target.

For now, a shortcut can only redirect to the target’s URL. The target content will be rendered with whatever page template supports the target content type. If what you mean is that the page should load the target content on the shortcut URL then I agree. I hope our development team can answer this.

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Assuming you are talking about the Content Studio admin here?
How about a shortcut preview that simply shows “This is a shortcut to <link…>”?

I think this is not the case. I have a project that we are working with a folder structure like:

  • Books
  • Genres
  • Age Groups

A book has its genre and the recommended age group (children, teenager or adult). But we’ll keep this only to save data. The real hierarchy will be made using shortcuts and then the content administrator should work with a tree like:

  • Age group > Categories > Books
    But… if I link a book or a category to a shortcut, as standart, I should see the target view on this same route, since I’m pointing to an existing content. I hope its clear :slight_smile:

So, you are talking about actually rendering the target content in the url of the shortcut, like a “forward”?

Yes, @tsi. In another frameworks like eZPublish for example, a single object can be in multiples nodes of the content tree, working like shortcuts but having its own routes.

Just a little comment, as such a feature can be misused in terms of SEO best practice, if I understand you correctly. Serving the same content (duplicate) on different URLs is not recommended. A 301 redirect with rel=canonical is what you normally would do. Ref for example

I am however not saying there are not use cases for this feature request.

I understand you, @tlo. What about attaching the meta when the content is a shortcut? In our case, we cannot access the main content. It should be read by the shortcut url instead.

Maybe some custom routing will do the job for you? We have an example of this in XPhoot.

See site.xml:

This way you can create a controller to handle any request within a given path or matching a specific content.

NB! Function is experimental. Some changes might occur.

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