Show off your skills and win a BBQ with friends

We are growing our community and would like you to join us by contributing to Enonic Market. The Market beta just went live. This is where our customers and partners will find ready to go apps, libraries and starter kits for Enonic XP projects.

You are welcome to join in on the fun and contribute to Enonic Market. Submit your awesome app, lib or starter kit to Enonic Market by June 30th, and you can win a BBQ with friends. Our Enonic BBQ Team will come to your place with food, drinks and a DJ.

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Feel free to discuss ideas in this thread. We are happy to help with ideas.


New deadline! August 15th.

So much engagement, so little time. Guess what, we’ll give you a few more weeks to submit your work.
Sign up and submit your awesome app, lib or starter kit to Enonic Market by August 15th.

Notify us that you are in it to win it!
(No obligations - ideas can be discussed here)


Is the deadline today, or by today (midnight last night)?
I am working on publishing my form builder app to, but will not be able to finish until this afternoon.

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Tonight at 23:59:59 :slight_smile:

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Great! Then I should be able to make the deadline.

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Have you decided on a winner yet? :slight_smile:


No, I am sorry. We will decide within the month. ​:smiley:

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Has a winner been announced yet?

The winner is decided!

Thanks to @lassejl for submitting an awesome app! We look forward to hosting your bbq party.

These runners up will receive a gift card for a dinner at Burger Bar (or similar):

@it_vegard: Form builder app soon to be available on Market

Thanks for the contributions.


Congrats to the winner! :blush: And thanks for the honorable mention!

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Congrats, @lassejl! :smile: Really cool app, that I hope to test sometime soon!

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