Site and pages becomes useless when previously used module is deleted


I had created a site and added the corresponding module to it. After some time the module name changed when I changed how the project was set up with gradle (to be similar with yur example modules) and with the name change a new module then gets deployed.

I removed the old module from the site and added the new. Then I proceeded to delete the old module. This rendered the site and its pages unusable and gives me an error: “Page descriptor ‘no.ripples.modules.lcf-module:default’ not found.”

Is this expected behavior? Should it not be possible to delete a module the site is no longer using?

It occurred to me that I had not changed the Page Controller for the page template with the one in the new module and that the landing-page content type is from the old module. This explains why it still looks for the old module.

The module/application name is the key which link page configuration together with code, so you cannot rename a module and expect it to remain working.

As there is currently no view to browse the page tree structure yet, the specific parts etc must be removed from the page(s) before removing the module… However a new feature is in progress to solve this.

See attached screenshot.


In your controller files, you can use “” to get the key “no.ripples.modules.lcf-module” and this will work even when the name changes. But will probably change to in 6.0.