Skeleton Module

During the last few months, I have been working on a module that can be used as a base for building modules for Enonic XP. I’ve called it the “Skeleton module”, and it contains a recommended module structure, file structure and naming conventions.

The front end developers at Enonic have already started using this in their projects, please feel free to use it in your own modules.

Please note that this module is an ongoing project. It will be continuously updated in order to utilize the current functionality of Enonic XP at all times. Work in progress is listed in the readme file on Github.

The module itself is available on Github, I will be posting news about the module in this forum thread when the module is updated.


Also, remember to download and “install” the lib util code =) Also on Github!

The Util library is actually automatically downloaded and compiled as a part of the Skeleton module when you use gradle build on this module.
More info about the Util library will be posted in a separate thread.

Wow, that is beyond cool! =) Thx for the info!

I didn’t realize that it was automatically downloaded when you build it. I made the Util project public last week during a Skype training session with Aldeamo so they could see the source code and use it. I have quite a few suggestions and new functions for the Utilities module.

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