Source Path Too Long

I tried to take a copy of my home folder (just in case) and I got this error. Should I be worried? Could this give me problems down the line? (other than not being able to copy it)

Windows Server 2012. Folder is alreay at the root: XP_HOME = e:\xp-home

Never seen this before except for trying to synch a sharepoint drive once. It has to be some really deep path structures inside the directory in order for this to occur. Maybe you could figure out what folder causes it?

Seems to be all the images that are cached. The filter part is part of the folder structure;

The directory name E:\xp-home\work\cache\img\5721c3b0a04b90f5c26dbd104488dad454a6abbc\Cropping{top=0.0, left=0.0, bottom=1.0, right=1.0, zoom=1.0}\scale-block(1024,341)-FocalPoint{x=0.3953125, y=0.4414109963547995}\no-filter\jpg\background-16777215\orientation-TopLeft\quality-85 is too long.

There are several images in the cache/img folder with this structure. One of them I recognize from the superheroblog-app

We will simplify the image caching path in the next version (6.9)
Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can map a drive (example: “Z:”) to the destination folder.