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Is there some news about this elastic search feature?

PS. I don’t found a way to post in the same thread, so a created another topic with the same subject


Sorry, no news as we have not been able to prioritize this yet.

Ok Thomas, no problem, thanks for the reply.

We find a way to do that: creating a new instance of Elasticsearch, saving a JSON dictionary there, and perform the suggest features of ES. We’ve got good results for while.

Why not simply add this dictionary to an XP repo instead?

We made that approach because we were in mind, that using directly the Enonic XP repo, we could not use the suggest functions of elasticsearch. Is it possible? using the repo lib? Because we do not find anything about it on docs…could you share with us some link reference to perform that?

For us, would be really nice if we do not need to create a new instance of ES for that, as you said.

PS. We based here to implement a solution (https://www.bilyachat.com/blog/search-like-google-with-elasticsearch)


Hi again Fernando!

We have had this in our list for a while, I have updated the roadmap to make sure we will look into this during 2019.

Sounds good! I think that all that coverege the “search” around user experience and the features like this, may help the costumer guarantee to theirs end users increasingly better probrabilities to better relavance hits in their searchs results. So in my humble thoughts, it could be really nice. Thanks, have a great 2019.

Hi Fernando.

We can inform you that we are planning to add both highlighting and “suggest” to the API in version 7.1 (approximentally)

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Hi Thomas, its good to know that. Thanks