Standard dropdown as option for Combobox

Feature request: For certain content types we would really love if we could give an option to the ComboBox input types, so it just renders as a default web browser dropdown instead of the “search -> select option” that is there today.

You can sort of emulate normal dropdown behavior by making sure you click the small arrow on the drop down, but to make it easier for the editors when there are only 3 options in the dropdown it would be nice to be able to do something like: that renders it as a standard dropdown that lets you only select directly from the list. If you have a list with three colors, for instance, it makes it a bit fiddly when you have to click the small arrow or start typing to get the options to appear.

Maybe use radiobuttons instead for this case Espen?

Hmm, yeah, that might be a decent workaround. At least for the number of options that are reasonable for a non-search dropdown. Good idea :slight_smile:

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