Static image in editors source i 6.15

I’m trying to add some html to the source of a html area. But when I save the editor wraps my html with some new html and removes the class. Is this intended behaviour?

My code

<img alt="Jordbær" src="_/asset/no.myapp/images/strawberry.png" class="strawberry" />


 <figure class="justify">< img alt="Jordbær" src="_/asset/no.myapp/images/strawberry.png" style="text-align:justify; width:100%" />
<figcaption style="text-align:left"></figcaption>

It works almost perfect in 6.14.x but you get a < p> wrapped around
< p>< img alt=“Jordbær” src="_/asset/no.myapp/images/strawberry.png" class=“strawberry” />

Try to use the portal.processHTML view function

if anyone else wonders this will be fixed in 6.15.2 :slight_smile:


… which is available for down load now! :wink:

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