Static rendering with Next.js - New version the next.XP integration is available

A new version of the next.js integration v0.10.0 is now available.
This version contains a range of new functionality, and supports both static (ISR) and dynamic rendering (SSR): The new integration is optimized to use Guillotine v6, which simplifies deployment and setup.

The tutorial, starter and demo have all been updated to reflect the latest developments, and the examples now default to static rendering.

Essential changes:

  • Content Studio now uses Next.js preview mode
  • Full support for Incremental Static Rendering
  • Event based revalidation trigger instant refresh of static pages
  • Uses the new Guillotine v6 API
  • Improved rich text processing and handling
  • Supports custom queries for component configuration

To get started with Enonic + Next.js - visit the tutorial: Next.XP - Next.JS sites powered by Enonic XP

NB! For the impatient - the tutorial also contains a TL;DR section :smile: