Summer release bonanza in Enonic!

Hello dear Enonic’ers!

As you are probably aware, we celebrated beginning of the summer with long anticipated releases of XP 7.3 and Content Studio 3.0 which introduce - among multiple improvements and bug fixes - content version comparison and an awesome feature called Content Projects.

But we haven’t stopped at that and released new versions of a few other libraries and apps which you might be interested in.

If you have upgraded to XP 7.3/CS 3.0 and are using Google Analytics, SiteImprove or VWO apps, then you have to upgrade them to the new compatible versions.

Menu lib has gotten some nice new features and improvements and is XP 7.* compatible.

A new release of our sample blog-site Superhero showcases the Content Projects feature by using new Project API to isolate the site and its content in a dedicated project/repository.

Live Trace and License Manager applications have been changed to store license info in a dedicated repository. Both releases require XP 7.3 and have breaking changes, so make sure to contact us if you have upgraded the Live Trace app and need a new license.

Cron library (which enables scheduling of tasks in XP) was refactored and improved to solve the issues with task execution in a cluster environment. It was also expanded to support seconds and milliseconds precision in schedules. The new version of the library is compatible with all XP 7 releases, so upgrade is highly recommended even if you are still on older versions of XP 7.

This also concerns users of our legacy Cron application (app-cronjob). If you are using this app, we strongly suggest that you migrate to the Cron library instead.

Last but not least is the new release of the Snapshotter app (requires XP 7.3) which makes use of the aforementioned improvements in the Cron library to ensure stable snapshotting in cluster environment plus some important fixes and improvements in email and Slack notifications. The new release has some breaking changes so make sure you read the upgrade notes.

We’ll be happy to receive your feedback regarding our new releases, as well as any suggestions to improvement of our beloved product.

With all this we wish you a very best summer! Stay healthy and safe :sunglasses: