Support for cross site publishing

In Enonic CMS we could publish the same content across many different sites.

Our editors want this in Enonic XP too :slight_smile:

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Hi Tommy,

Good to know =)

We already have something different (better) in our backlog that will solve this need (no ETA yet). We will introduce a way to make clones/copies of a content where you can publish this copy on other places, with the original still being “master”. This will be very similar to how it worked in CMS. Thomas knows more.

Using a ContentSelector will however solve this now. Perhaps a simple ContentType called “republished-article” with only a ContentSelector for another contenttype and then a part for fetching and displaying this.

Best regards,

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We hope to get started on this feature after summer (this year) when the workflow features ar done.

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Sound good! We’d love to hear more when you have more details on how it would work


Any new update on this? We’re currently working on multiple sites that have products on them. These products are identical across all sites but not all sites have all products. Duplicating content seems wrong

Hi Tommy!

If you need to reuse content across sites, you can simply reference the content as normal, but rather than using page templates to display the content, simply create a mapping for the “product” content type and point it to a controller that will render the product within that site. Ok?

Our ultimate solution to this issue is “clones”. But it is a big job we hope to complete in 2018

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