Support regexp in query language

I see that the query language has wildcard syntax for propertyPath and some unknown syntax for the right side of the LIKE operator:

Would it be possible to support regular expressions aswell?

Looks like elasticsearch might have some support for it:

Is this the wildcard syntax that is currently supported?

The current LIKE-operator supports * and ?.

It is possible to support regexp, probably as a function.

Beware: In general, these types of “calculate stuff query-time”-queries will be much slower that using prestored values like ngram. That is particularly true for queries starting with a wildcard.

Yeah I figured as much.
But in some weird instances they might be needed. Ouuh that was vague :blush:
Regexp is pretty powerful.

Instead of doing regexp I’ve decided to wash the incoming data instead.
Since I’m going to sort, aggregate and filter on it that was the correct solution anyway.

So I don’t have a usecase for it right now.